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On this page you can find information about contributing to the Luma's Workshop wiki.

Creating an Account

  • You need an account on this wiki. For this, join our Discord server and ask Aurum (the server's admin) to create an account for you. He will then register a new account for you with a temporary password. Make sure to change your password after that!
  • If you forgot your password, just contact Aurum and he will reset your password.
  • You cannot have multiple accounts!

Do not create User or Discussion Pages!

These are obsolete as any major discussion should take place on the Discord server itself.

Editing Pages

  • You should be familiar with MediaWiki's syntax and fundamentals. If you need any help regarding the formatting of pages, please refer to the official MediaWiki guides.
  • Make sure to categorize pages where applicable. The following categories are available:

Page Templates

You can insert various templates into pages to provide additional information about the page's progress:

Fully documented

The content described on this page is 100% documented.

Work in progress

This page is in progress and may contain incomplete information or editor's notes.