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ScenarioBgmInfo is a BCSV table that defines the default background music that plays in a specific scenario. The file can be found in SMG2 in AudioRes/Info/StageBgmInfo.arc/root/ScenarioBgmInfo.bcsv. It contains the following fields:

Field Type Description
StageName STRING_OFFSET The internal galaxy name, for example RedBlueExGalaxy.
ScenarioNo LONG The scenario/star the music is played on. If set to 0 the music is played on all scenarios by default.
BgmIdName STRING_OFFSET ID name of the music, for example MBGM_SMG2_GALAXY_01.
StartType LONG 0 = music already plays, 1 = music plays once Mario lands on ground
StartFrame LONG The frame on which the music will start to play.
IsPrepare LONG Unknown.

Make sure that StageBgmInfo also contains an entry for your galaxy. Editing only one of these files will crash the game!